The Perfect Steak

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 ·

#Beautiful grill mark on the meat.
Always let the grill do it job when its cook the meet. Some people love to move the steak every second. This is wrong. This will course the steak not marked well. So leave your steak alone.

#Handling the steak.
When you look at your steak in a flares, put your steak on another site. Please don't let it on on flares. By this, it will give the perfect steak.

#Bake the steak?
Yes. This can be when you want to cook the steak on last minute. You can use very high heat grill and and finish it by bake the steak on oven. Set the oven on 450 degrees. Actually, a lot of restaurant use this way to cut the steak cooking time.

#Cook steak concerns doneness.
Use thermometer is the sure way. Thermometer is the not very expensive and can be used for other meals also.

There are also a lot of tips in grilling steak to get the perfect steak. But I just want to share what I have been done when grilling steak. This tips are very sure. So, keep use this tips and happy grilling.